Freeze the Cold Callers with IceBl0ck

IceBl0ck telephone blocker

IceBl0ck is an advanced landline telephone call blocker for the Raspberry Pi with some features never seen before on a blocker. So many that you might not even use the blocking feature.

IceBl0ck is intended for things like home automation and is not a simple "press a button to block your last call" device - it provides so much more features.

Plug the USB Modem into your Pi, switch it on and setup your personal telephone numbers list to stop nuisance callers and get some amazing extra features too (see below).

All you need is the Caller ID service provided by your telephone provider.

IceBl0ck detects the incoming number using the Caller ID service then performs the actions you told it to do.

Please see our ebay listing to buy the USB modem that's compatible with our software.

IceBl0ck ready to be plugged into the telephone line and powered up

Amazing features

Not an ordinary telephone blocker with features like these...

  • TTS (Text To Speech) to play messages over the phone or to your Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Text To Speech with configurable male and female voices
  • Send TTS down the phone, to the Bluetooth speaker or both
  • Supports 7 coloured status LED that changes to the colour you specify (additional cable required)
  • Each phone number has its own programmable list of actions
  • Automatic logging of all phone numbers with date and time of call
  • Android App for easy creation of your lists

Telephone list and actions are created on your Android mobile phone and sent to IceBl0ck which will automatically load the new list.


Android IceBl0ck Editor App screenshots showing available actions

Amazing possibilities

  • Text to Speech (TTS), let the blocker answer the phone and say whatever you typed for that phone number.
  • Play a SIT message to fool auto-dialing machines into thinking your number is not recognised so they don't call you again for a long time, if ever.
  • Send a TTS or pre-recorded voice/music file to a Bluetooth speaker when a specific or Withheld/International number rings.
  • Change a 7 coloured status LED to a specific colour based on the incoming callers phone number (additional cable required).

Free Pi software with expandable features

Free Pi software providing the above features. Possible features you could add yourself include ...

  • Answer machine and fax capability 
  • Dialing out features
  • SMS text using a mobile data USB dongle
  • Email voice messages recorded on your answer machine above