Freeze the Cold Callers with IceBl0ck

Coming Soon, please email to be notified of future updates, there will be a limited amount of these available.

IceBl0ck Embedded Kit

A Pi kit with a very small 56K Modem but supports all the functions of the USB version. Embedded is fitted to the Pi expansion pins so it fits neatly inside the Pi case. Compatible with IceBl0ck software and App.

Some soldering is required. All kits use through-hole components so there are no surface mount parts to make soldering easier.

There are 2 versions:

  1. Embedded Kit
    All components needed to build IceBl0ck Embedded (PCB, Modem, terminal block etc) 
  2. Embedded Pro Kit
    Same modem as Embedded but comes with RJ11 telephone socket instead of terminal block. Expansion header supports RGB status light. 
    uilt in microprocessor (PIC 12F1840) so your Pi doesn't have to worry about fast timing problems e.g NeoPixels.

Below is the Embedded version fitted to a Pi 2:

Photos of Embedded Pro soon ...